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Just So Ya'll Know...



 When I first learned to ride a bike, I took about one spin around and wanted my parents to immediately take off my training wheels and just let me go and guess what they did. So just like that, I was riding my bike with no fear and no worries ready to take on our gravel driveway and the world. Little did I know that over time, I would let the world trick me into being one the most fearful people you have ever met. Along the way, God placed some of the very best mentors, teachers, friends, and family on my path to nudge and push me along into conquering and overcoming most of my fears. This allowed me to push beyond all the boundaries I set for myself and put me on the path to accomplish my dreamof being an artist.

Most days you can find me sitting on the floor brushing strokes of watercolor onto paper or sketching with pen and ink. Layering and mixing and all the while referencing notes on techniques from some of my favorite art idols.

At night I’m normally sitting underneath the string lights on my back porch drinking hella strong margaritas and listening to country music wishing I could ride down a dirt road with my hand out of the window just one more time.

See, at the end of the day, I’m just Amy Lauren, a small town Mississippi girl living in Nashville painting my way through this little slice of a dream life and sharing my love of art along the way.